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The Keys To Black Consciousness 8 Week Work Study Course

Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  $39.99

About this course

What is Pan Africanism? Why is the TRUTH about our people hidden from us? How can Knowledge of Self change our economic, political, and individual destinies?

Those were some of the questions I had when I first started to ‘wake up’. To find the answers, I watched thousands of hours of Youtube videos, read hundreds of books, and put into practice what I learned. After three years of constant study, I combined all that I learned into this course to spread this knowledge to our people.

Since 2013, hundreds of people have taken this course and gained the tools that they need to become successful, master their money, build real relationships, and change the way they eat, ALL while living a Black Conscious lifestyle.

Alumni Testimonials

United Black America
This study course was one of it is kind. This course allowed me to expand my consciousness and exercise a new way of thinking. This is foundational lesson that walk you through the the door of an African liberation!

- Khes Ausar Rakeem





United Black AmericaThe works study courses are extremely necessary. Where else can you find 8 weeks of intensive education on the empowerment of our people on a multitude of topics? The importance of these lessons are unprecedented and will take your understanding of our power and purpose as Black people to a whole new level.

- Jennifer


United Black America
The United Black America work study course is definitely life changing! The biggest challenge that you face while taking the course is yourself. While taking the work study course, I gained a true working knowledge of self [and] I learned more about myself and my people in 8 weeks of class than I did in 17 years. Take. The. Course. - Umeme


Note: Once you finish this week, the next module will be available to you in 5 days! This will give you time to complete the worksheets and PDFs.

Course Structure

  • Education, Miseducation, and Knowledge of Self
    • Group Economics, Black Business Building Strategies, and Fraud
      • [Videos] The Maafa and 5,000 Years of Pan African Warfare
        • Infection, Intoxication, and Natural Healing
          • [Videos] Prosecution, Political Systems, and Pan­-Africanism
            • Relationships, Black Love and Black Power: Miscegenation, Sex, Eugenics
              • Metaphysics and African Spiritual Sciences
                • [Videos] Doing The Knowledge: Community Organizing and Living the Black Conscious Lifestyle